Diversity is Key to a Flourishing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

America has a storied history of great entrepreneurs and innovators, and an illusion that everyone has an equal shot at creating the next Apple or Google.

But it typically takes venture capital, and a lot of it, to create these massive success stories. And when we look at the data, we see only 2% of venture capital dollars going to all-women founding teams and over 80% of the dollars going to all-men founding teams. Rooting out bias in the industry isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Revenue, cash flow, and employee engagement increase under diverse leadership and diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets!

Glass Half Funded is here to educate and inspire the next generation of diverse founders and funders – and to celebrate the women who have had success in an industry that wasn’t built for them. We’ll help you demystify the startup and venture capital industry, which is purposefully opaque and exclusionary today, and provide you with a like-minded community to learn from. 

casey tierney, cfa, cpa

I’m currently an investor with The LegalTech Fund, a venture capital fund that invests in companies transforming the world of law. I have met and analyzed hundreds of startups, and I want to use my experience to advance a more diverse ecosystem of founders and funders.